Adelaide’s first home-based Christian Recording Studio

(Chris Adams – site originator)

Good*God recording studio was dreamed about by Rod Boucher and took shape in 1977 in Adelaide, South Australia.

It was the fulfilment of a vision held by Rod, whose vision allowed creative people in the Churches to have a facility whereby their talents and songs could be recorded at nil cost.

In this way, the gifts could be shared in 24/7 time rather than only during worship services once a week.

Many groups and individuals passed through Good*God Studio during the late 1970s – 1980s. The recordings were provided free of charge according to Gods provision, whereby Christian artists and performers would have access to the facilities provided by God through Faith.

Rod believed that if God was providing, then the vision would materialise. Someone believed in that dream, enough to provide a 2 storey home for Rod and his family in which to live.

Upstairs bedrooms meant more available space downstairs in which to operate the studio without crowding the occupants.

The house was a very solid bluestone building on the corner of two very busy main roads, but the thickness of the walls provided reasonable insulation.

Possibly around 1980 Good*God studio was gifted a second time. Ray Shepherd donated our first and only 8 track recorder which came complete with a mixing desk and a DBX noise reduction unit to suit.

It was perfect timing, because we had outgrown the 4-track recorder that had prepared us so well for the transition to a larger machine. During that time we learned to utilise every spare inch of tape that passed under the heads, and became expert at dropping in audio between the gaps, as well as manual winding in record mode to erase noise between audio takes.  

This 8-track TASCAM machine also ran 7 days a week and gave years of excellent service. (I still remember lifting it) aaaagh!!

Two rooms downstairs were set aside for the studio, and the first equipment donated was very basic but it was capable of capturing sound. Rod and Vello were recording with a Tandy battery powered 4 channel mixer, and recording on to a two track cassette recorder. Our original monitors were two speakers housed in cardboard boxes!! Everyone has to start somewhere.

Enter Ken Scott from Victoria who donated a TEAC 4-track reel to reel tape recorder to use as we saw fit. He had heard of the studio and wanted to help out; his reasoning being that the equipment would be better utilised by being shared. Your gift changed many lives. Thank you Ken.

We used a live mixing desk to mix with and backing tracks were recorded first. Two wooden doors and a hallway separated the rooms.

Shortly after, Bernard and Debbie Hull decided to gift the studio a Revox B77 quarter inch recorder.

The 2-track machine allowed us to mix-down on site with consistency and less time constraint.

With the early 4-track recordings, we had to mix off-site and that takes a more organising of people and resources. The Revox was a pleasure to use and it made a huge difference to the studio.

Nowadays, everyone mixes at home with really nice monitors and plug-ins at their fingertips.

Thank You!

Colin Watson : For the house, and home of Good*God studio

Vivienne Boucher : For welcoming all who entered her home

Ken Scott : For donating the TEAC 4 track reel to reel recorder

Ray Shepherd : For donating the 8 track, the desk, and his time

Bernard and Debbie Hull : For the gift of the Revox B77 tape recorder

Ray Ellison : For maintenance work, and loads of enthusiasm

Rex Stacey : For mastering and cassette duplication via Sonorex

Tony Kitchener : For printing our covers without charge

The Tanners : For the use of their house in the late 80s

Keith Ellison : For entrepreneurial skills and relocations

Andrew Bayfield : For technical assistance and support

Andrew Ferris : For administration and support in the office

Mitcham Records : For stocking our local homegrown music

Al Sankauskas (ATD) : For support and generosity with duplicating