This is a list of most of the people who recorded projects at Good*God studio. If you are not listed and would like to be, contact us here and we will either include your name (or delist you). I have discovered some lost music from One Way Road, and The Towners. I would like to include those bands in the site, but I have no covers and no information regarding band members. If they read this, contact me here.

All compositions and recordings remain the intellectual property of the respective owners and are protected by copyright. Music is included in this site with permission of the owners. In some instances, we have no covers, no information, or sound files for artists, and in others, the artists have chosen not to share their history. For inclusion in the list or deletion from the list, please contact us here


Crystal Image

Directions Songbook


Earthbound Sky


Fast Forward


Fred Strong

Gerard Holmes


Leigh Newton

Three Corner Jack

Lui Fontanarosa

Malcolm Munroe

Maureen Roberts

Mirror Image

New Times Christmas

Nick Vall

One Way Road

Paul Grant (Kids Everywhere)

Alan Muston

Annette Fechner


Bernard Hull

Caleb & Co


Cathy Kathy & Tony

Chester Schultz

Colin Smith

Colin Spencer


Ian Coats


Jeremiahs Cry

Jesus Fruit Supply


Kathy Moore & The Band of Milk & Honey

Kay Robinson


Last Orders

The Three Buskerteers

The Towners

The Hillbilly Gospel Group

Thumbs Up

Tom Ferguson (Aust)

Tom Mc’Ginn

Trevor Adamson

True Vine

CTA Television Association

Yvonne Milick

Duck aka Chris Adams

Perfect Strangers

Peter Marshall

Peter Mc’Illwain


Rick and Steve

Rick Lewis

Rob Timbs

Rob Linn

Rod Boucher

Run For Cover


Salvation Jane

Seven Stories

People of God Songbooks

Sister Janet Mead

Slow Burn

Stephen Fewell

Steve Turner

Strike A Light

The Claim