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Adelaide - South Australia

Cathy Kathy & Tony


Catalogue number 7919S
Recorded May - Aug 1979
Engineered by Chris Adams
Produced by Chris Adams & Rod Boucher

Cathy, Kathy and Tony

Side One

Side Two

Thank You for Your Autograph, Song to a Star, Fire, I Don’t Know My Name, Over the Mountains, In Conclusion

Cathy Nirta
Tony Nirta
Kathy Moore
Tony Lewis
Michael Hodson
Dennis Wignall
Joe Regioni
Paul Stacey
Sue Cornish
Lance Perryman

Guitar & Vocals
Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Bass and Vocals

City Dreams, You Don’t Look at Me, Nursery Rhymes, Big Fred, Movin’ Down the Line

Cathy Nirta passed away in 2008 but she achieved much in her lifetime. She was passionate about many things and that passion saw her take active roles in the fight for equality for the disabled.(See her story here)

She loved music passionately, and continued to write & sing up to her passing.

Tony and his partner Kate live in Melbourne where they are both active in the arts community.

Both have written & recorded many of their own songs. His current band is called Mudmen their recordings are online for purchase or streaming. (At time of this update)

Hear Tony and Kate now.

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