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Putting it all together ...
I am somewhat inclined to tackle projects that look easily manageable at first glance, but which later turn out to be real challenges. At my age you might think I should know better. So it was with the remix of the Good*God Collection, and subsequently, the creation of this website.  


This shouldn’t take long ….
I envisaged three months of solid work in order to complete the remix, but in reality it took over three and a half years. My lounge room became a studio and I spent a lot of time sitting in front of the monitors, often for up to 12 hours a day.

On limited resources, I had to borrow a DAT machine which had to go back to its owners every weekend. Some of the mixes required re-working and without suitable equipment I often felt like I would never finish.

Work arounds ....
My computer was beyond the task, and without a visual audio editor, I had no option other than to remix those songs again. A few months later, that same DAT machine was up for sale, and although money was hard to find, I made an effort and purchased it for $400.00.

Thanks Bernard Hull  .... I would like to
thank Bernard Hull  for loaning me his DAT machine when the other one was being hired out. Keith Ellison was also helpful, providing me with assistance during the first few months.

Chris Adams

Half of my lounge room disappeared for more than three years during the remix.

Remixing Christmas in The Scrub ……… with Leigh Newton (headphones) in 1996 at Dave Grimmer's studio in St Mary's.

4 Track Mixes … I used a 4-track machine for the early recordings which I borrowed from Glyn Lehmann. I dubbed the four tracks down simultaneously onto a Roland VS880X 8 track hard disk recorder. I then mixed the tracks down into stereo onto a Tascam DAT machine. To get the mixes onto CD, I sought help from Al Sankauskas who transferred the mixes onto CD at minimal cost.

8 Track Mixes … The Roland VS880X has six analog inputs and two digital SPDIF inputs. I ran tracks 1-6 from the half inch Tascam tape machine, directly into the analog inputs of the Roland. Tracks 7&8 were routed into the DAT machine analog inputs and then out through the digital outs, to the VS880X digital inputs.

Finished at Last ... The main body of work was completed in 2005, and I thought that I had completed the task. It then occurred to me that it might be a good story, not the least for its historical past, so I contemplated
a website dedicated to telling the Good*God story.


Online ... The website went online in 2007 and continues to attract visitors from many different locations around the globe.


I hope your visit to this website affords you the opportunity to appreciate the amount of work that came out of the studio during its 12 year lifetime.



Thanks Rod and Vivi

Before we close I would personally like to thank Rod and Vivi Boucher on behalf of everyone whose lives were transformed through Good*God studio. I have been wonderfully blessed in my life because of my involvement. Good*God came about because of Rod’s dream and his belief saw that vision fulfilled. The dream started with faith alone and grew into something of unimagined proportions. Thank you Rod for showing us all how faith and belief can move mountains.

This update of the Good*God website, conceived, constructed and completed by Chris Adams in 2012

The Good*God Remix Story