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Christian Television Association

The Christian Television Association:
was a body of representatives from the various mainstream Christian religions in Australia whose charter was to present the message of Christ on free to air television.

In the 70s & 80s it was a requirement under an Act of Parliament, that all broadcasters include a percentage of air time each week to religious groups.
The time had to be made available without charge.  

Television production crews would assist with filming, production equipment and expertise.

The CTA had a budget provided by the various Church organisations for the purpose of presenting the Gospel on television.

Creative teams were organised to come up with ways of presenting this in a commercial environment.

Good*God studio became involved in producing the soundtracks for a lot of those commercials, and we provided the service for free as part of our own charter.

Some of the ads gained an almost cult status for all of the wrong reasons. Some of the music was catchy and kitsch.

I worked with people at the time who used to sing the catchy songs despite the fact that they didn't like the ads, which in hindsight was quite funny.    

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