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Songs For the People of God

Songs For the People of God
were a series of recordings undertaken by teams of enthusiastic volunteers.
There were
3 Volumes in the series.
This represents a staggering amount
of work & goodwill by the people involved.

Songs For the People of God Volume 1,2, and 3”
Produced by Rod Boucher and Chris Adams Engineered by Chris Adams and recorded September to November 1980 (over3 days)!!
Good*God Malvern Studio.

Side One:
Comfort Comfort, Fill My House, Feed Us Now, Blessing Song, Travelling His Road, Father Bless Us as We Go, Spirit of Peace, Hear Our Prayer, What is Our Earth, Joy Shall Come, Walkin Down the Road, Into The Promised Land, I Am The Bread of Life

Side Two:
Pilgrim People, Go Then to All People, Christ is The King, Song For Christmas, Gloria in Excelsis Deo, Down to Earth as a Dove, Mary Mary, Sing His Name, Magnificat, He Died on The Cross, Dying You Restored our Death, Christ is Risen, Celebration Song, Christ is Arisen, Peace From a Dove


Dorothy Mann, Kathy Pike, Andrew Tanner, Rod Boucher
Alison Ruiter, Glyn Lehmann, Gerard Holmes, Heather Pederick
Ian Lehmann, Peter Farley, Lui Fontanarosa, Rod Boucher
Ray Shepherd, Rob Young

From Volume 3

On this page, is Volume 3 of that series.
Someone had organised charts for the musos, and we set up the gear, and sound checked on the Friday night. An early Saturday start
and the recording process was underway.
Musicians and singers all volunteered.  

There were so many songs on the Volumes, that each Volume became a Double Cassette Release.

The cover shows that this was Tape One of Vol 3.
This is the only cover I could find. If you can help..

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