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Adelaide - South Australia


Salty were a four piece rock band from Adelaide between 1977 & 1981
They played both electric and acoustic sets, and were a feature at many of the events that were being organised at the time.

The band members were:
Rob Linn - Guitars and Vocal
Richard Giles - Keyboard, Guitars and Vocal
Graham Paull - Bass and Vocal
Andrew Tanner - Drums, Acoustic Guitar, Vocal

Side One

(Put Us) On The Track Again
How Do You Sleep
Don’t Run Away
On and On
Train Song
Fly Away

Side Two

Yeah That’s Me!
I’m Gone
Thank God For the Fool
Come to See The One Way
One Day Give it Away

Catalogue Number 7707S
Recorded Sept 77 - March 78
Engineered by Chris Adams and Produced by Rod Boucher

The second album “Lay It On the Son” followed shortly after, and it’s not surprising really, because the band brimmed over with talented songwriters. Every member of the band was a contributor in that area. Often the songs were collaborations; other times, the compositions were solo efforts.

Catalogue Number 7809S
Recorded Nov 77 - March 78
Engineered by Chris Adams and Produced by Rod Boucher

Side One

You Know It Just Aint Funny
Haze Over The City
Only Shadows Know
Doin’ It
God is With Us

Side Two

Giving It All to God
Lay It On The Son
It Takes You
Running With Jesus
Thread Through All Eternity


The band’s final album was a collection of their acoustic material, and it was full of fun and character, much like the band. So well known were the boys, that they could be identified by their facial hair and teeth!

Catalogue Number 7818S
Recorded in May 1979
Engineered by Chris Adams
Produced by Rod Boucher and Chris Adams

Side Two

Bird On The Wing
Southern Cross
Country Scramble
Can’t Keep a Good Man Down
Take Me Like I Am

Side One

Circle of Love
Takin’ Time
Bohemian Tango
We Take Ya Money



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