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Adelaide - South Australia

Rod Boucher

Yes Yes, You Can
Come Away
Every Little Bit Of Australia
No Worries Luv
Rag and Bones
Get Inside The Other Blokes Skin Joy and Sorrow

Side One

Side Two

Come On Come On
Money Stride
Talk About the Times
Keep On The Right Track
Boucher’s Boogie
Somebody Loves You!

Recorded by Rod Jan - Sept 79


Rod played: 2 drums, top hat, cymbals, 4 horns & bell, electric guitar, banjo, and sang lots and lots.

Goin Fine
I Dunno
Technological Hero Debil Debil
Good God
Gotta Grow Up
Life’s Been Good to Me

Side One

Side Two

Nobody Told Me
If It Moves Shoot It ... If It Don’t Chop it Down Agreein’
Lean On Me
Power to Serve
Light of Light
Aussie Dance and Sing (The Yoohoo Song)

Recorded Nov - Dec 1979 in Adelaide SA for Good*God
Photography by Roger Hanlon

All songs arranged, played, sung and produced by Rod Boucher

The Henchmen 1964 - 1969
Buffalo Drive / Fair Dinkum 1969 - 1974
One Man’s Band 1974 - 1981
La Bouche / iDeA 1981 - 1986

Rod Boucher family & friends 1986 - 2006
Rod & family in BedlamOz street theatre.. 1996 - 2006
Rod the Revelator 2006 - 2012

Rods musical journey

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Every Little Bit of Australia

No Worries Luv

Debil Debil

The Yoohoo Song

Raw Prawn Polka

Life’s Been Good To Me

Money Stride


Recorded Nov - Dec 79

Rod holds the copyright on his music and allows visitors to download tracks for personal use……..



Prior to his involvement with Good God Studio, Rod Boucher was a member of The Henchmen, a university folk band, then Buffalo Drive, a Rock band from Adelaide.
He penned several commercial “hits” during that time including:
“No Worries Luv”, (a timeless Aussie love song), “Money Stride”
“The Yoohoo Song” and “Every Little Bit of Australia”.

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