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Adelaide - South Australia

Peter Mc’Illwain


PS  I love this cover art

Handmade was recorded between January and October 1981 Cat number 8102S
Produced by Peter McIlwain, Robin Mann, and Rod Boucher
Engineered by Andy Pill, Robin Mann and Rod Boucher

Side One:
Sheep of The Fold, I Am There, Superannuation Man, Vine and Leaf, I’ll See, Dave Strelly Seagull

Side Two:
Lord of My Dreaming, Like a Growing Seed, Eat Eat Eat, A Child We Be, Have You Heard

The Hands:
Peter McIlwain

Doug Petherick
Tony Fontanarosa
Ray Shepherd

Guitar and Vocals and including sub-conscious and biro guitar,
Synthesizer, Whistles, Percussion, and assorted other ridiculous noises
Bass and Weird Endings
Other Drums

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