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Adelaide - South Australia

Peter Marshall

Beneath the Surface

6 & 12 Str Guitar and Vocals
Drums / Percussion
Blues Harp

Peter Marshall
Ian Coats
Peter Nixon
Ian Lehmann
Peter Farley
Andy Tanner
Rick Giles
Dave Jackson
Dan Chomos
Ray Shepherd
Bruce Stock
Sue Ridgway

The Band

If I Told You
Play the Stranger
All the People
I Am
Painted Just for You and Me

The Cloud
It’s All Right
Open Minded, Only Blind
Paradise Complete
The Winner

Side One

Side Two

Catalogue numbre 7848 S
Engineered by Chris Adams
Produced by Chris Adams
Recorded Dec 78 - Feb 79 in Adelaide South Aust

Side One:
From Where I’m Standing, Lady, Send Your Light into Darkness, Spirit of Love, Can’t Stop Believin’, Someday

Side Two:
Lonely So Lonely, What Do You Expect, More Than Friend, Dreamin’ of The Future, When I’m Here With You, Some People

Cat number 8118S, recorded between May and Oct 1981
Engineered by Chris Adams
Produced by Peter Marshall, Rob Linn, & Chris Adams

Cat number 7948S recorded at Ruthvale Studios between Dec 1979 and Mar 1980
Engineered by Peter Nixon
Produced and arranged by Ian Lehmann.
Brass arrangements by Glyn Lehmann

Always Be Free

Always Be Free players
Peter Marshall ..... Guitar and Vocals
Ian Lehmann ..... Guitars
Peter Nixon ..... Bass
Graham Paull ..... Bass, Vocals
Andy Tanner ..... Drums, Vocals
Glyn Lehmann ..... Horn, Percussion
Chris Wright ..... Vocals

What Do You Expect

Catalogue number 7934 S Recorded Jun - Sept 1979
Engineered by Chris Adams, Ian Lehmann, & Peter Marshal
Special thanks to Dennis Clare, Rod Boucher, & Peter Nixon

Peace By Peace

Peter Marshall
Ian Lehmann
Mike Hodgson
Tony Nirta
Ray Shepherd
Kathy Moore
Danielle & Rebecca

Guitar & Vocals
Backing Vocals

The Band

The Players were:
Peter Marshall ..... Guitar / Vocals
Rob Linn ..... Guitars
Chris Perry ..... Bass
Ray Shepherd ..... Drums
Grant Phelps ..... Keyboards
Sharon Gericke ..... Backing Vocals
Chris Adams ..... Percussion

The Band

Year of The Child
Lady of Mine
Lost in Admiration
They Don’t Know Love
Thinkin’ Of You
Peace By Peace

Losin’ Our Sleep, Double Dealin’, Singing With You, You’re Not Alone
All I Wanna Do, I Need Your Love, True To Myself

Side One

Side Two

Cryin’ For Love, Lookin’ Rain, Just a Mystery, Modern Man, Comin Home

Dont It Make You Cry, Shadow of Your Love, Sunday at 2, Song for Craig, Let Your Love Shine, Always be Free

Side One

Side Two

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