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Adelaide - South Australia

Perfect Strangers

Engineered by Chris Adams in Kathy’s front room.
Produced by Perfect Strangers (they just walked in and started producing) and Chris Adams who sat in the corner surrounded by equipment.

Kathy Pike
Peter Mc’Illwain
Michael “Bob” Boundy
Ray Shepherd

Vocal & Acoustic Guitar
Vocal & Electric Guitar
Electric Bass & inventiveness
Drums & Percussion

Perfect Strangers

Demo recording

Peter Mc’Illwain and Michael Boundy wanted to record this set and Kathy had a vacant loungeroom.
The acoustics were live house ambient but that had never stopped us before, so every day over two weeks, we met in a very busy lounge room and recorded these songs.

I had to sit in with the band so most of the EQ settings were second guessed. I was not into recording with flat EQ settings due to the acoustic properties of the rooms, or lack of in our locations.
I used to try and filter out the nasties with EQ.

The recordings were never released and that’s a pity because the songs were great and deserved a wider audience. All things considered, the recording sounds quite acceptable.

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