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Adelaide - South Australia

Paul  Grant

Kids Everywhere
Recorded at Good*God Hindley Street Studio
June to Oct 1989
Engineered by Chris Adams

Produced by Paul and John Grant
Associate Producer Chris Adams

Side One:
Kids Everywhere, Sorry, Jesus Team, One In the Body, How To Live, Hey King, C C Song, Point Me in the Right Direction, Everywhere, COCKE Club (Church of Christ Kids Endeavour)

Side Two:
Remember That God Loves You, When We’re Thirsty, Hello Jesus, Good News, I Am Special, I May Be Little, Hey There, Sing Sing, Sounds Too Good to be True, God Be With Me

More Kids
Recorded at Good*God Hindley St studio
Nov 1989 to March 1990
Engineered by Chris Adams
Produced by Paul and John Grant  
Associate Producer Chris Adams

Paul Grant, guitar
John Grant, guitars/vocals
Jodie Brinkworth, keyboard
Joy Groves, keyboard
Denny Stibbard, guitars
Geoff Cooper, saxophone/clarinet
Adrian Terrace, saxophone/clarinet
David Jacquier, keyboard
Additional vocals: Paul Grant

The Band

I had just recovered from the the project Kids Everywhere when Paul rang and announced his intention to record a follow up called “More Kids”.

I said “hang on, haven’t we just done something like that”?  Paul, being a person of enormous drive and energy pretended not to hear me. I groaned at the thought of going through the whole thing again but within 2 weeks More Kids  was underway.

I can’t find any covers or track listings for this release, and I can’t locate Paul or John anywhere. If you know where they are, please let me know here or get them to contact me. Thanks

Literally Kids Everywhere! This was a huge project to undertake. The whole of the kids vocals was done in three afternoons. Parents dropped their children off, and they all naturally wanted a look inside the studio.

Fortunately we were in 202 Hindley Street for this recording so there was some space, but the control room was absolutely filled with up to 20 parents present. It was so difficult to keep the session moving along with so many people in the room.

Everybody was excited to be there so there was a lot of talking during the takes despite people being asked to remain quiet. Total chaos for an engineer.

We had huge numbers of songs, and it was critical that we not move on to the next song until we had a reasonable take on the current song. Problem was that I couldnt really hear what was going down.

Paul sat up one end of the studio with headphones and guitar, and played along with the tape to give the kids their cues. Where are you now Kids?

Paul Grant             Ac Guitar - Midi - Principal Vocal
John Grant            Ac Guitar - Vocal & backing vocal
Modi Grant             Vocal - backing vocal
and the Kids from   Blackwood Congregational Church


While I was working on the songs Paul used to play Freecell to pass the time! (hehe)

Nah I’m joking. He was pretty helpful most of the time. The PC had the backing tracks on it as Midi beds. The guitars and vocals were laid down later.

Back then, the midi time-code signal took up a whole track on its own. Both projects were recorded on the Tascam half-inch 8 track tape recorder.

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