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Nick Vall

Nick plays every recorder and tin whistle that has ever been made.
I never thought much of the recorder until I heard Nick playing one. He plays with a fluency and an imagination which works its way through his lips and his fingertips to produce beautiful and evocative sounds through the instrument.

Nick’s first recording was about an adventure between two children who find an abandoned and weather beaten boat on the shore of a beach, and imagine an exciting journey that might have been made in that boat.

The recording was full of imagery though storytelling by Nick Vall who wrote the  story around music he had composed.

The opening music track was a piece that reflected the curiosity of the children as they wandered along the beach. Waves breaking to seagull sound effects were also used to enhance the story. The sounds evolve into fun and laughter by the instrument as the make believe journey in the boat begins.

The most stunning moment for me musically, was when the children went exploring and found their way into a bat cave. Nicks recorder provided beautiful imagery of bats flying en masse around the cave.

This was Nicks first recording. He wrote and narrated the story, played recorder, tin whistles and a saxophone. He was assisted by friend Leigh Newton who provided evocative guitar and mandolin for the recording.

Nick Vall

Storyteller and Songwriter

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