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Adelaide - South Australia

Thank You

Thank You!

For the house, and home of Good*God studio

For welcoming all who entered her home

For donating the TEAC 4 track  reel to reel recorder

For donating the 8 track, the desk, and his time

For the gift of the Revox B77 tape recorder

For maintenance work, and loads of enthusiasm

For mastering and cassette duplication via Sonorex

For printing our covers without charge

For the use of their house in the late 80s

For entrepreneurial skills and relocations

For technical assistance and support

For administration and support in the office

For stocking our local homegrown music

For support and generosity with duplicating

Colin Watson

Vivienne Boucher

Ken Scott

Ray Shepherd

Bernard and Debbie  Hull

Ray Ellison

Rex Stacey

Tony Kitchener

The Tanners

Keith Ellison

Andrew Bayfield

Andrew Ferris

Mitcham Records

Al Sankauskas (ATD)

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