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Cat Number 7832 S Recorded in 1978 Engineered by Chris Adams & Rod Boucher Produced by Rod Boucher

Side One

Shine For Jesus, We’ve Only Come to Tell You, Long as We Love You, You Cannot Stay, I Can Make it With You, Jesus My Lord, Coming Back

Side Two

Open Up Your Heart, When My Life, Don’t Let the Sun, Jesus Answers Every Prayer, Friend in You, He Cares For You, Start Afresh With God

Jesus Fruit Supply

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Nicky Ridley Trevor Pillar Rob Pillar Grant Paulson Graham Milne

Vocal, Acoustic Guitar Vocal, Acoustic Gtr, Bass Vocal, Pedal Steel Guitar

Vocal, Guitar, Bass Drums

Nicky Ridley

Graham Milne

Trevor Pillar

Grant Paulson

Trevor Pillar

When the band heard about the website they got actively involved in the project. Thank you JFS, for the interest, the encouragement, and the submitting of information about the band, including pictures of the recording.

You can see the famous Good*God egg carton acoustic experiment covering the walls in the background.  

We asked people if they could donate their old egg cartons and in no time at all we were overrun with supplies.

The studio was a large bare room with an upright piano in the corner, and a few chairs around a wooden table. The floors were wooden and the ceiling was high by today's standards.

The egg cartons act (supposedly) to absorb some of the natural reverberations of the sound. I don’t know how much good they did, but we placed a lot of faith in their ability to deaden the room!

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Jesus Fruit Supply have allowed us to share selected tracks from the recording.

Tracks here were lifted from the original cassette and enhanced.

The original tapes did not survive.

Rob Pillar

Pictures from the sessions

Jesus Fruit Supply


Jesus Fruit Supply band