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Adelaide - South Australia

Ian Coats

Cat number 7819S
Engineered by Chris Adams
 Produced by Rod Boucher and Chris Adams
Recorded June - Sept 1978  and released in Oct 78


Ian Coats
Rob Linn
Richard Giles
Graham Paull
Andy Tanner

Pilgrim People, There’s a Road, Breathe The Air, Fool Yourself, Daybreak, In the Stillness

Side One

Pilgrims Progress, Give Yourself, Medicine Bend, Days Of Youth, Seedsowers, One Who Really Loves You / Start Again

Side Two

Vocals Guitar Harmonica & Mandolin
Guitars Harmony Vocal
Piano Guitar Harmony Vocal
Bass Guitar & Harmony vocal
Drums Guitar & Harmony Vocal


Cat number 7922S Recorded in Aug 79
Engineered and Produced by Rod Boucher and Ian Coats


Master of The Universe, Spirit of Truth, We Have Come, Thank You, Worship The Lord, Thanks for Life, Forgive us Lord, Celebrate the Coming of The Lord, Firm Foundation, Life Has Come Again, Take Eat This is My Body, Drink From This All Of You, The Fruit of The Spirit

Father Son and Spirit Come, Seek His Strength, Song For Others, Walking Along the Road, Wheels Across The Borders, Follow Me, Pilgrim People, Let Us Enjoy Your Creation, Into the Promised Land, In The Stillness of The Evening, Peace Be With You, Benediction

Side One

Side Two

Ian Coats ..... Lead Vocal, and Harmony Vocal, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Glockenspiel, Synth, Percussion, Chimes, Bells, Floratron, Astrotron
(talented ... ain’t he)

The Shoemaker (Musical) was written by Ian Coats & performed at Westbourne Park Uniting Church Hall in September 1979.


With a strong production team, an enthusiastic group of players and a live band to boot, the production made it to the stage for several performances.
Here are some tracks from the production which were recorded two years after the final performance.

Ian Coats
Sandy Boyce
Vello Nou
John Hinds
Vivenne Boucher
Bronwyn Coats
Georgina Nou
Bruce Driver
Dave Sharp
Andrea Tunbridge
Dennis Clare
David Kelly
Rod Pike
Rod Boucher
David Hunnerup
Ruth Rice
Judith Hill
Ian Price

Stage Manager
Musical Director
Graphics & Sets
Stage Hand
Special Assistance
Special Assistance
Special Assistance
Special Assistance
Special Assistance
Special Assistance
Special Assistance

Kim Thorpe
Andrew Tanner
Donald Wilson
Kathy Moore
Greg Pike
Dibby Jackson
Trevor (Fuzz) Kitto
Andrea Tunbridge
Robin Williamson
Andrew Williams
Beth Pike
John Moule
Margaret Harvie
Chris Laschuck

Des Tinny
Ken IB Moore
Father Ron
Grasper, Chorus
Bubbles the Mystic
Ida Tinny
Rock Crock
Railway Porter


Vello Nou
Ian Coats
Ian Edwards
David Jackson
Peter Farley
Ray Shepherd

Keyboards, Hammond
Acoustic Piano
Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Electric Guitar
Drums & Percussion



The Shoemaker is a musical drama written in late 1978 and early 1979. After months of rehearsals, a series of performances took place in Adelaide, South Australia in Sept 79. A cast of 14 players, a band of 6 musicians, and a myriad of other folk contributed their talents to the final production. In May 1981, most of the original cast and the band reunited briefly and laid down a belated record of the music, with Rod Boucher as Sound Engineer. The author then disappeared overseas for a number of years and the project went into total eclipse.
The unmixed Shoemaker recordings remained in the Good*God studio archives until Chris Adams (affectionately known as Duck) painstakingly cleaned up the decaying sound and transferred the recording onto digital format in 2002.
I received a phone call out of the blue from Chris in April 2002 asking if I would like to come around and hear the Shoemaker after nearly a quarter of a century had passed us all by.
This CD (not available) represents the fruit of his many hours lovingly retrieving those lively, sometimes unpolished performances recorded in Good*God studio so many years ago. It captures well the spirit of the original music and its dramatic performances.

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