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Adelaide - South Australia

Cat number 8101S was recorded January 4th - 9th 1981
Produced and arranged by Rod Boucher
Engineered by Chris Adams and Rod Boucher


Colin travelled from Melbourne to record “Subliminal Cuts” in 1981. A band was assembled for the recording which took one week, and after rehearsals, the songs were recorded and mixed.

Colin returned to Melbourne, but returned a few months later to record a second release entitled “More Cuts” with Rod Boucher engineering and producing.

Colins music evolved from guitar based band music, towards more synthesizer based compositions, and now he is back to single acoustic guitar and voice.

Colin continues to write and record his compositions as a solo artist.
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Solid As A Rock, Derailment Shuffle, Unconscious, Uprising
Too Wise, Sweet Like Honey, Last Stop

Vocals & Elec Guitar
Bass, Lead acoustic & E Guitar
Elec Guitar
Banjo & Pedal Steel


Colin Spencer
Steve Scanlon
Ray Shepherd
Andy Tanner
Glyn Lehmann
Graeme Burrow
Leigh Newton
Don Whiffen
Richard Green

Colin Spencer

Side One

Side Two

Old Time Feeling, Paper Smiles, Glory Train, Jesus is a Friend of Mine, Think it Over, Call Me Friend

The musical journey….

Uncompromising, uncomplicated & recorded in one take. These songs draw from Folk, Blues, and Pop influences delivered in Colin’s idiosyncratic style.
From despair to hope, this is a journey most have shared in one way or another.

An independent release in 2008


Released in 2008 through CDBaby and its affiliates

Listen to tracks online at CDBaby

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