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Adelaide - South Australia

Chester Schultz

Sounds Like Work

Catalogue number 8017S
Engineered by Chester Schultz on a portable recording device

Sounds Like


Side One

Sounds of Adelaide from a street level perspective (LIVE)

Side Two

Sounds of Adelaide from a street level perspective (LIVE)

Chester (image copyright of) (amcoz / australian music centre)

Sounds Like Work was conceived, recorded and arranged by Chester Schultz.
This recording is a series of everyday sounds which depicted life in Adelaide at that time. Chester travelled all over the metropolitan area armed with a portable recording device to compile this release.

"I say things with musical sound. I love working with people & enlarging our sympathies through music which is serious, popular, or both, and which leans to words, ideas, empathy, human encounter, drama, Australia, and people on the margins".

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